Internode EVE Promotion – internet offers

internode-logoInternode don’t often run to many internet offers, they normally just get down to the business of providing solid, stable, reliable internet. Just take a look at the excellent Broadband Choice forum and take a look which provider Australian geeks prefer. Internode often revise their plans and charges so it pays to keep an eye on what’s available. But in this case, we have a new offer on the table.

So what about this one?

In a clear reference to Adam (on the back of the sale to Telstra), Internode it trying to entice over customers, but are offering this to existing Internode customers also. I’ve been a long-term and very satisfied client; yes, they’re sometimes on the high side as far as pricing goes but when it comes to internet you want a good, solid service at a good speed, with great support for when things go wrong. Internode supply all that.

For this promotion, if you:

  1. live in South Australia,
  2. you’re on an Easy Broadband 200 (or greater) plan, and
  3. you’re on a NodeLine bundle (Internode provides your normal home phone), then

you might be interested in their latest ‘EVE’ promotion that’s running this month.

What to do

Commit to stay with them for 24 months (with your plan locked in for the first 3 only) and receive 3 months of broadband for free – worth $149.85. This offer applies to new and existing customers, which is great.

See Internode’s EVE Promotion for more details. New customers can use the Signup button, existing customers fill in the contact form and ask for the ‘EVE’ promotion.

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