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One cable left over? We can help.

Confused Girl

Could your small business do with some IT assistance? Do you need a new web presence, or your MYOB accounting system need to go multi-user? Heard that Internet Phones (VOIP) could save you money and want to find out more? We’re comfortable in many areas of IT so why not contact us for a chat […]

Latvian characters and MS Office 2013

I’ve been working with Microsoft over the last couple of months to try and resolve a problem entering Latvian characters into Office 2013, and the results were quite surprising. First, some background. The Latvian language, like many others, includes diacritic characters. These are characters that include a diacritic mark, a glyph added to a letter […]

Internode EVE Promotion – internet offers


Internode don’t often run to many internet offers, they normally just get down to the business of providing solid, stable, reliable internet. Just take a look at the excellent Broadband Choice forum and take a look which provider Australian geeks prefer. Internode often revise their plans and charges so it pays to keep an eye […]

There’s no need to POP

Champagne Cork

I enjoy listening to Adam Turner’s view from the couch, and one of his articles from years ago still rings true today. Friends don’t let friends use POP3 was an article written about the use of POP3 vs. IMAP – the two most common email protocols in use today. The crux of the post was […]